• Takara

    A popular Japanese cuisine restaurant that serves a huge proportioned seafood tendon.

  • Washokudokoro Tensho

    A Japanese-style restaurant famous for its rice bowl topped with grilled splendid alfonsino, the specialty in Atami.

  • Washokudokoro Kobayashi

    A Japanese restaurant serving fresh fish kept in a fish-tank.

  • Wa Modern Kitchen Nico Style

    A place to enjoy local food from Nara and latte art inspired by symbols of Nara.

  • Wakashachiya, Nishiki-ten

    A famous udon restaurant that promotes Nagoya's specialty, Nagoya Curry Udon.

  • Himari

    The popular sweets shop famous for its new wave sweets that has essences of both Japanese and western sweets.

  • Kaisen Yokocho Uokuni

    A seafood restaurant that is run by a long-standing fish store. It serves fresh seafood dishes at reasonable prices.

  • Uogokoro Kitokito

    Seafood restaurant run by a fish wholesaler. Its original network enables them to get the best seafood that attract many customers.

  • Unoiori U

    Dine while looking at cormorants! Restaurant run by an usho (cormorant fishing master)

  • Udon-no-Isshin

    Long-standing udon and soba noodle restaurant in Hiroshima known as the birthplace of Kure City’s famous “hoso-udon.”

  • Tsuzumi Soba

    Highly popular for chuka-soba with a subtle nostalgic flavor, unchanged since 1956!

  • Yashiro

    A Japanese restaurant owned by a fisherman that always serves super fresh seafood.

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