• Yudonburi Sakaeyu

    Although a natural hot spring, the facility itself is a sento, a downtown-style public bath!

  • Shinohara Maruyoshi Furin

    Offers workshops to makeEdo Furin, which are made only in two places in Japan.

  • Edo Taito Traditional Crafts Center

    Introduces craftsmanship and traditional handicrafts that have been handed down over the years in this area.

  • Enoshima Island Spa

    An authentic spa resort only 1 hour away from downtown Tokyo! Enjoy the only natural hot spring in Enoshima.

  • LUCUA Osaka

    Connected directly to JR Osaka station! One of the largest train station shopping malls in the whole country featuring many stores new to the Kansai area.

  • Tokyo Solamachi ®

    Right next to the Skytree! Massive shopping mall with over 300 popular stores

  • Matsuzakaya Ueno

    Shopping mall full of stores new to Japan, limited edition Ueno products, and a super popular food shop floor!

  • Mirror

    Shopping center that focuses on enjoying art and food with beautiful views of Tokyo

  • Ueno Frontier Tower

    New landmark of Ueno built in November 2017 in the form of a mega commercial tower

  • Laox Ginza EXITMELSA

    A comprehensive duty-free store with an abundant line-up of products located in a modern commercial complex.

  • Laox Ginza Main Store

    A comprehensive duty-free store with a concierge counter which provides information in multiple languages.

  • Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku

    The most fashionable shop with the trendiest fashion, household goods and food!

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