• Koujiya Motomiya

    A shop and restaurant specialized in koji (mold) including rice koji and koji miso where you can have a hand-on experience making miso too


    When you think of the quintessential Japanese souvenir, nothing matches TOKYO BANANA in its iconic yellow packaging!

  • MiLKs

    Newly opened in Ebisu, Tokyo, that offers high-quality, cute soft serve ice creams.

  • Bunkamura

    The first large-scale cultural complex in Japan that offers cultural and artistic experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.


    Located conveniently in JR Hakata station building! A large commercial facility established by Japan Post enjoyed by everyone.

  • Ray coffee house

    A café in the middle of the woods where you can enjoy fantastic coffee while watching birds and squirrels in the garden.

  • Gallery & Café Naramachi Mura

    Nostalgic gallery cafe in a renovated 100-year-old traditional Japanese house.

  • Restaurant Asahi

    Udon specialty restaurant home to the original “tempura curry udon.”

  • Trattoria Primo

    A popular Italian restaurant that always has a queue and offers dishes made with fresh vegetables grown in the highlands!

  • Cuisine Champigon E.Bu.Ri.Ko

    The pioneer of “mushroom French”, a restaurant that offers various kinds of rare mushroom dishes.

  • Ikadaso Sanjo

    An acclaimed inn that offers stunning Mie's brand of oysters, Matoya kaki.

  • Restaurant Pyrenees

    An exquisite restaurant that serves dishes of Shinshu beef, chicken and pork roasted over the fire in their special fireplace.

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