• Laox Ginza EXITMELSA

    A comprehensive duty-free store with an abundant line-up of products located in a modern commercial complex.

  • Laox Ginza Main Store

    A comprehensive duty-free store with a concierge counter which provides information in multiple languages.

  • Laox Shinjuku East-exit Store

    Watch-and-jewelry specialty store provided by one of Japan’s largest comprehensive duty-free store.

  • Bunkamura

    The first large-scale cultural complex in Japan that offers cultural and artistic experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Log Road Daikanyama

    A new attraction has been born in Daikanyama in the form of a commercial facility that consists of a 220 meter long path lined with shops that runs over former railroad tracks.

  • Laox Shinjuku Main Store

    Large-scale general tax-free store that allows you to experience Japan’s beauty and “ometenashi” spirit of hospitality.

  • Shibuya Hikarie

    Directly connected to Shibuya Station! Large-scale facility where you can enjoy shopping and various forms of entertainment.

  • Isuzu-chaya

    Situated in Oharai machi, this is a Japanese sweet shop owned by the fabrication company of "Akafuku," the specialty of Ise.

  • Himari

    The popular sweets shop famous for its new wave sweets that has essences of both Japanese and western sweets.

  • Suzume Odori Sohonten

    The long standing Japanese sweets shop serving traditional sweets made by traditional recipe from the days it was established in 1856.

  • Nigiritate Kintetsu, Passe Branch

    Proud of their variety of ingredients! Freshly made-to-order onigiri specialty store.

  • Meifutsu Tenmusu Senju Honten

    A tenmusu specialty store and a franchise of the store where tenmusu originated.

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