• Capjuby

    A cafe where you can enjoy high-quality, authentic coffee brew in nel drip.

  • French Cuisine Bon Vivant

    The oldest French restaurant in Ise, inside the ancient Western-style building built in 1923.

  • Awa Naramachi

    A Japanese restaurant that offers Nara Prefecture's regional vegetables (Yamato yasai) and beef (yamatogyu) in a historical Japanese house.

  • Zimonokaisenryori Ise Amimotoshokudo

    You can enjoy local dishes and local-brewed liquor at reasonable prices! A restaurant established by a famous hotel.

  • Deep Fried Skewer Specialty Restaurant: Ageha

    Kushi-katsu (deep fried skewer) restaurant owned by a sommelier who can recommend tasteful wines to go with your meal.

  • Yuki Tei

    Western-style restaurant that serves the masterpiece omurice.

  • Takaratei

    A popular western-style restaurant with a Showa period atmosphere that serves nostalgic curry.

  • Yoshida Kishimen Esca Restaurant

    Popular kishimen noodle specialty restaurant directly managed by a long-standing noodle producer established in 1890.

  • Yamanami

    Long-standing restaurant where you can enjoy various different foods including local specialties and drinks.

  • Yabuya Imaike Honten

    It is a fashionable izakaya, popular among women, where you can taste more than 10 types of amazing Nagoya specialties.

  • Oden&Wine Kamoshiya

    A Japanese version of Spanish bar that serves Nagoya specialty, miso-oden and good selection of wine.

  • Wine Izakaya Charbon

    It is a wine bar owned by a sommelier, where you can enjoy dishes made of well-selected ingredients cooked in charcoal fire.

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