• Hana

    Japanese restaurant where you can have healthy food made with time-honored fermented food.

  • Hamazaki

    A sushi and seafood restaurant managed by two brothers; the older brother is a Japanese cuisine chef and the younger brother is a sushi chef.

  • Nihonryori Hagiou

    Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy cuisine made with carefully chosen natural ingredients such as Iwashimizu water and charcoal in the 100-year-old Japanese-style house.

  • Gen

    An acclaimed soba restaurant in Nara that serves premium soba made with only buckwheat flour.

  • Deep Fried Skewers Food Stall: Fukurou

    Japanese-style izakaya pub restaurant with an at-home atmosphere that serves around 50 different varieties of kushi-katsu (deep fried skewers).

  • French o・mo・ya, Naramachi

    A French restaurant where you can enjoy creative French cuisine in a traditional vintage Japanese house with a warm atmosphere.

  • Edogawa, Naramachi

    A traditional Japanese restaurant that serves domestic eel and Nara's regional vegetable in a historical Japanese house.

  • Dotonbori-Imai

    Representative Osaka udon restaurant whose name is synonymous with its famous and masterful “dashi” soup broth.

  • Cuccagna 2

    A popular Italian dining & bar, serving dishes made of local ingredients.

  • Cocotte Yamashita

    A French restaurant, which looks like a cafe, serving a variety of cocotte cuisine.

  • Capjuby

    A cafe where you can enjoy high-quality, authentic coffee brew in nel drip.

  • French Cuisine Bon Vivant

    The oldest French restaurant in Ise, inside the ancient Western-style building built in 1923.

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