• Furico Sabo

    A Japanese-style cafe with a warm natural wood feel surrounded by a forest and a pond.

  • Furaibo Meieki, Shinkansenguchi

    A popular izakaya chain restaurant that serves one of the best chicken wings in Nagoya.

  • Funado no Banya

    Enjoy scenic open air baths and barbecue at Imaihama Kaigan in Izu.

  • Fujinomiya Yakisoba Gakkai

    A Fujinomiya Yakisoba restaurant that won the grand prize in a regional cuisine competition and made these noodles popular throughout Japan.

  • Fresh Lamb Jingisukan Yamagoya

    A famous restaurant that serves local specialty, Jingisukan with special sauce.

  • Francois Kissashitsu (Cafe)

    Retro cafe where you can relax amid the deep and profound atmosphere of the Baroque style.

  • Pancake cafe fluffy

    A cafe known for its Japanese-style building where you can taste amazing pancakes

  • Farm Restaurant Chiyoda

    A restaurant where you can taste the greatest brand of beef, Biei Japanese beef, raised in the same farm.

  • Farm Restaurant Azemichi Yorimichi

    A popular restaurant where local farmers, all women, cook homely dishes with homegrown vegetables.

  • épice

    A French restaurant that serves fresh vegetable dishes in a traditional Japanese building.

  • Enraku, Hakodate Shio-ramen Specialty Restaurant

    Restaurant where you can taste the authentic Hakodate Shio Ramen using carefully selected local ingredients from Hokkaido.

  • Edo Soba Hosokawa

    The owner is known as the "God of Soba," preparing everything himself. Definitely go if you want to try the real thing!

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