• épice

    A French restaurant that serves fresh vegetable dishes in a traditional Japanese building.

  • Enraku, Hakodate Shio-ramen Specialty Restaurant

    Restaurant where you can taste the authentic Hakodate Shio Ramen using carefully selected local ingredients from Hokkaido.

  • Edo Soba Hosokawa

    The owner is known as the "God of Soba," preparing everything himself. Definitely go if you want to try the real thing!


    Enjoy Italian dishes like fresh pasta and fried pizza in this modern space built inside of a restored Kyoto townhouse that’s over 100 years old.

  • Deai Chaya (Teahouse): Osen

    Healthy obanzai style dining that focuses on using organic pesticide-free ingredients.

  • Daruma Ken

    An old ramen place which has maintained the taste loved by people since its opening in 1947.

  • Daikunizushi

    A hidden gem sushi restaurant that offers premium sushi for a reasonable price.

  • Daiichi Kaisenmaru

    The restaurant famous for its Kaisen-don topped with a lot of fresh seafood bought straight from the market.

  • Curry Shop Furanoya

    All the ingredients are produced in Hokkaido. A popular curry shop that always has a long queue of locals.

  • Country Kitchen Shitto Coco

    A popular restaurant where you can feel the blessings of nature in Furano while you eat delicious food.

  • Couleur

    A popular French restaurant that serves reasonably priced yet authentic French cuisine.

  • Cinq Cinq

    Rich and tasty, this cheesecake shop offers some rare flavored cheesecakes too!

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