• Hakodate Morning Market

    At this large market in Hakodate, you will have the privilege of being able to enjoy “Kaisendon” using the freshest fish caught the same day.

  • Haguriya

    A long- established udon restaurant since 1927 that serves a superb version of Nagoya's specialty miso katsu (pork cutlet with miso sauce).

  • Hachiya Gojo

    A ramen restaurant, famous for rich soup made using plenty of grilled lard.

  • Hachinohe Yataimura Miroku Yokocho

    Retro and warm street booths located in the center of downtown Hachinohe.

  • Grilled chicken and seafood izakaya, Nitchome

    An izakaya with fresh seafood caught by the shop owner himself and authentic char-grilled chicken

  • GranRoof

    Impressive futuristic style building. A new landmark at Tokyo Station Yaesu-guchi.

  • Gotsubo Susukino

    The restaurant that serves oysters from Akkeshi, the renowned oyster town, for only 100 yen.

  • Gonbei

    A popular long-standing restaurant that serves dishes with a secret savory dashi stock.

  • Gomitori

    A famous izakaya in the downtown of Nagoya, Sakae! It is a long-standing izakaya founded in 1956.


    A stylish cafe restaurant / bar along Otaru canal whose building is a stone storehouse.

  • Gion Moriwaki

    A restaurant that serves authentic Kyoto cuisine and homemade soba at a reasonable price. The dishes are prepared by the owner who trained at famous restaurants.

  • Gion Komori

    Famous teahouse that allows you to enjoy Japanese sweets while watching the river located in Kyoto’s atmospheric district of Gion.

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