• Akasaka Aono

    Get a taste of Japan in a historic Japanese sweets store established over 100 years ago.

  • Aji no Sanpei

    The birthplace of miso ramen, standard dish of Sapporo.

  • Ajidokoro SushiKin bun-ten

    A popular sushi shop with a homely atmosphere featured in the Michelin guide!

  • Ajidokoro Kikuyo Shokudo

    The place where you can enjoy Hakodate's first Kaisen-don, established in 1956

  • Ajidokoro Kano

    The restaurant serves tonkatsu (pork cutlet) that has a light and pleasant taste.

  • Abe Chan

    An Izakaya serving the popular yakitori and drinks. It gets full immediately after opening.

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