• GranRoof

    Impressive futuristic style building. A new landmark at Tokyo Station Yaesu-guchi.

  • Edo Soba Hosokawa

    The owner is known as the "God of Soba," preparing everything himself. Definitely go if you want to try the real thing!

  • Cinq Cinq

    Rich and tasty, this cheesecake shop offers some rare flavored cheesecakes too!

  • Chuka Soba Aoba

    A legendary ramen shop that has inspired many other ramen shops. It earned the Bib Gourmand honor in the Tokyo Michelin Guide.

  • Chinzanso

    A place where history and nature come together in perfect harmony, "Chinzanso Tokyo."

  • Chacha Koubou

    Spend a happy moment in a hideaway Japanese tea cafe.

  • Azabu Yasaigashi

    Selling sweets made of vegetables, you can choose between takeaway or eating in the store.

  • Asakusa Naniwaya

    Franchise of a historic taiyaki store, also famous for shaved ice.

  • Asakusa Kagetsudo

    Queues for the freshly baked Jumbo melon pan-soft and amazing!

  • Asakusa Izumi

    A sweets parlor in Asakusa where you can enjoy the mild taste of Japanese sweets.

  • Asada

    Established in 1854. With the owner being a Sake master, Japan's best Sake can be enjoyed along with Juwari Soba and other dishes.

  • Anmitsu Mihashi

    Recharge at a historic anmitsu store opened in 1948 after walking around.



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