• Shinjuku Golden Gai

    It’s an old with a hint new - an authentic bar district from the Showa period.

  • Shibuya Center Gai Niku Yokocho

    Have your fill of tasty meat dishes at Niku Yokocho in Shibuya Center Gai

  • Sato Yosuke

    Inaniwa udon restaurant founded in 1860. Enjoy the smooth texture!

  • Sarashina Horii

    Founded in 1789, the restaurant serves one of the three major soba genres that you don't want to miss. It is the original Sarashina soba restaurant.

  • Rikyuan

    Great combination allows you to enjoy both tempura and soba at this historic restaurant located in Mitsukoshimae, a shopping district.

  • Rikugien Fukiage Chaya

    A Japanese-style cafe located in a beautiful Japanese garden, Rikugien, where you can enjoy a set of matcha and jo-namagashi.

  • Omoide Yokocho

    Outstanding underground atmosphere, an izakaya district that will transport you to the Showa period.

  • Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

    Selected exquisite takoyaki shops in one food court. A takoyaki dream!

  • Nunotsune Sarashina

    Historic soba restaurant famous among those in the know, with an ultimate commitment towards soba and its sauce.

  • Nishiyama

    160-year historic establishment committed to home-made quality, a must-visit for Japanese sweets in Asakusa.

  • Nezu Kamachiku

    A popular specialty udon restaurant originally from Osaka, now in Tokyo!

  • Mendokoro Ginzasa

    The set menu of ramen and tai-meshi which you can enjoy with ramen soup is very popular. Many people queue for this specialty.



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