• Lake Saiko

    Surrounded by nature and many sightseeing spots, this lake has a beautiful indigo surface.

  • Lake Motosu

    A glorious combination of the lake and Mt. Fuji. Our 1,000 yen bill is designed after this view.

  • Lake Kawaguchi

    A lake that is located at the lowest altitude of the Fuji Five Lakes with beautiful flowers in all four seasons.

  • Kitaguchi Hongu Fujisengen Shrine

    A shrine with 1,900 years of history and also a power spot among ladies.

  • Kawaguchiko Sarumawashi Theatre

    Enjoy the humor-filled entertainment of monkey performances!

  • Kawaguchiko Music Forest

    Museum of music to enjoy a medieval European landscape.

  • Kawaguchiko Museum of Art

    A museum that exhibits many artworks of Mt. Fuji. The landscape of Kawaguchi lake and Mt. Fuji is also a must see.

  • Fujiyama Museum

    A museum where you can always see Mt. Fuji painted by famous artists including Katsushika Hokusai.

  • Arakurayama Sengen Park

    The outstanding view of cherry blossoms, Mt. Fuji and five-storied pagoda much adored by all.



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