• Koibito Misaki (Lover's Cape)

    An excellent sunset spot, Koibito Misaki, is a scenic place overlooking Mt. Fuji across Suruga Bay.

  • Kakegawa Castle

    A beautiful castle once the center of Sengoku period and named "top castle of Tokai."

  • Joren Falls

    One of Japan's top 100 waterfalls, featured in famous Japanese songs and novels.

  • Izu Shaboten Park

    Izu Shaboten Park is famous for the capybaras that enjoy an onsen soak (limited time).

  • Izu Animal Kingdom

    Interact with animals in this huge 540,000 sq. m. park.

  • Hamanako Palpal

    An amusement park by a beautiful lake where you can enjoy the attractions and the view at the same time.

  • Funado no Banya

    Enjoy scenic open air baths and barbecue at Imaihama Kaigan in Izu.

  • Fuji Safari Park

    Night Safari tour is available. One of the biggest safari-style parks in Japan.

  • Dolphin Fantasy

    This interactive facility gives you an opportunity to connect with dolphins in a fish preserve installed at the Port of Ito in Izu.

  • Akazawa Daytrip Onsen

    An outdoor, open-air bath set in a beautiful natural setting easily accessible from Izu Kogen station by a free bus.



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