• Omicho Ichiba (Market)

    Known as Kitchen of Kaga, there are approximately 180 stores selling fresh products in the narrow streets.

  • Momogumi

    A juice bar with counter seats where you can enjoy juice made of local famous vegetables.

  • Kureha

    A cafe where you can have amazing Japanese sweets of Ishikawa while looking over the view of a traditional tea house district.

  • Koubei Sushi

    Specialty sushi restaurant that focuses on offering the freshest fish of the season with easy access from the prominent tourist spots in Kanazawa city.

  • Kanazawaya Coffee Shop

    A coffee specialty shop that offers house roasted and cloth brewed coffee. It also serves tea and sweets.

  • Jimo no Tei

    A popular restaurant known for kaisendon with plenty of fresh and local fish.

  • Higashiyama Robert Dumas

    A French restaurant where a chef, who worked at three-starred restaurant, serves in the building built more than 100 years ago.

  • Higashiyama Mizuho

    A Japanese restaurant serving delicious rice made in a clay pot on order.

  • Pancake cafe fluffy

    A cafe known for its Japanese-style building where you can taste amazing pancakes

  • Daikunizushi

    A hidden gem sushi restaurant that offers premium sushi for a reasonable price.

  • Couleur

    A popular French restaurant that serves reasonably priced yet authentic French cuisine.

  • Benkei

    You can enjoy a taste of a prestigious restaurant for a reasonable price while you are viewing a beautiful Japanese garden.



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