• Takaratei

    A popular western-style restaurant with a Showa period atmosphere that serves nostalgic curry.

  • Washokudokoro Tensho

    A Japanese-style restaurant famous for its rice bowl topped with grilled splendid alfonsino, the specialty in Atami.

  • Washokudokoro Kobayashi

    A Japanese restaurant serving fresh fish kept in a fish-tank.

  • Uogokoro Kitokito

    Seafood restaurant run by a fish wholesaler. Its original network enables them to get the best seafood that attract many customers.

  • Sushi Kappo Ren

    The restaurant is proud to serve sushi made with fresh seafood from the nearby ocean and a wide variety of other creative dishes.

  • Restaurant Scott the Old Wing

    A long standing western restaurant with more than 70 years' history. The secret demi-glace sauce has been passed down in the restaurant and tastes heavenly.

  • Cafe Pinetree

    A long-established cafe since 1959, located in the bustling Atami Ginza Shopping Street.

  • French Pastries MONT BLANC

    A popular French pastry store. The owner chef who was trained at a prestigious hotel offers exquisite cakes.

  • Magochatei

    The best place to enjoy Atami regional cuisine, Magocha.

  • Kaikou Rakuzen Kamatsuru

    Excellent himono made by himono specialty store!

  • Italisan Restaurant MON

    A long-standing Italian restaurant that offers a fresh local seafood menu.

  • Hisahana

    A popular gastropub that serves delectable dishes made with fresh local fish at reasonable prices.



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