• Shokudoen

    Originator of Reimen, a specialty of Morioka, Iwate Prefecture.

  • Sukehachi-zushi

    An originator of Maesawa beef sushi, hand-rolled sushi using the branded beef of Iwate Prefecture.

  • Niku-ryori Ogata

    A farm owned restaurant specializing in Maesawa Beef, high quality brand of beef in Iwate Prefecture.

  • Kyuukei-Dokoro Minka

    Rest area that feels like a traditional Japanese home where you can enjoy Iwate Prefecture’s local cuisine of “hatto-jiru.”

  • Hiraizumi Noukajaya

    Farmhouse restaurant where you can enjoy some of the local specialties in Hiraizumi, Iwate like mochi and noodle dishes made with locally grown rice.

  • Ekimae Bashoukan

    Popular restaurant where you can casually enjoy the famous overflowing “wanko soba” bowls in Hiraizumi, Iwate.

  • Kininaru Oyasumidokoro Yume no Kaze

    Popular restaurant where you can enjoy both the local traditional home cooking of “mochi-zen” as well as Iwate Prefecture’s famous “wanko soba.”

  • Chisuian

    Enjoy the fragrance of fresh soba straight from the farm at this relaxing restaurant.



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