• Koujiya Motomiya

    A shop and restaurant specialized in koji (mold) including rice koji and koji miso where you can have a hand-on experience making miso too


    An Italian restaurant that serves creative cuisine made with local ingredients in Iwate.

  • Chokurian

    A long standing soba restaurant known for "wanko-soba", a specialty in Morioka, Iwate.

  • Azumaya Honten

    A well-established restaurant where you can enjoy “Wanko-soba,” a local specialty in Iwate Prefectre. Eat more and more since the soba noodles keep coming into your small bowl!

  • Morioka Jajamen Akio Honten

    A restaurant known for its delicious noodle served as “Jajamen,” a local specialty in Morioka.

  • Jajamenya Koujan

    A casual restaurant where you can eat Jajamen, the local specialty of Morioka, Iwate Prefecture.

  • Pairon

    A ramen shop, the originator of “Jajamen”, one of the Three Great Noodles of Morioka.

  • Niku no Yonai

    A long standing Korean style barbecue restaurant that serves a great bowl of Morioka Reimen, the local specialty in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture.

  • Pyonpyonsya Morioka Ekimae

    A restaurant that serves Morioka Riemen, the local specialty in Iwate Prefecture as well as Korean-style barbecue and other Korean dishes using locally produced food in Iwate.

  • Yakiniku - Reimen Sanzenri Odori

    A Korean-style barbecue restaurant that serves Morioka Reimen, a local specialty in Iwate, homemade by the traditional recipe unchanged since its opening.

  • Daidoen

    A Korean style barbecue restaurant that serves the specialty in Iwate Prefecture, “Morioka Reimen” using the noodle hand-kneaded to order.

  • Seirokaku

    A renowned restaurant famous for Morioka Reimen, one of the regional specialties in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture.



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