• Kasai Rinkai Aquarium

    Aquarium located in the Bay Area. Must see exhibits of tuna swarms and penguin tank.

  • Kasai Rinkai Park

    A coastal park where you can enjoy the biggest ferris wheel in Japan and a very popular aquarium

  • Kappabashi Dougu Street

    Japan's best shopping street where you can find any kitchen implements. The street has a nostalgic atmosphere of the Showa era.

  • Kan'ei-ji

    Having gone through a glorious past, followed by damages due to war, this temple is filled with an air of melancholy.

  • Kanda Shrine

    Built in 730, a shrine worshiped for the protective god of Edo.

  • Jindai-ji

    A Buddhist temple situated amidst nature, a town for adults who would like to enjoy festivals, soba and onsen.

  • Isetan

    The 9-story department store main building and annex offer fantastic goods with a food floor that is also worth a visit.

  • Inokashira Park

    Popular park in West Tokyo with lots of greenery.

  • Harajuku

    An all-time source of the latest trends of Japanese youth culture.

  • Hanazono Jinja

    The guardian deity of fertility, matchmaking, and public entertainment.

  • Hamarikyu Gardens

    A collaboration of Japanese garden and the modern Tokyo metropolis.

  • Hachiko Statue

    Hachiko is a statue of a famous dog, and this spot is a popular meeting place in Shibuya.



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