• Showa Memorial Park

    A public park representative of Japan, a nature-filled metropolitan oasis.

  • Shitamachi Museum

    A museum that allows you to experience Tokyo's way of living from 100 years ago through the history of Ueno and Asakusa.

  • Shinjuku Golden Gai

    It’s an old with a hint new - an authentic bar district from the Showa period.

  • Shinjuku

    Enjoy Shinjuku to the fullest, Tokyo's No.1 downtown area that almost never sleeps!

  • Shibuya Crossing

    The biggest intersection in Japan with about 500 thousand people crossing everyday - quite interesting to see a variety of people crossing the street.

  • Shibamata Taishakuten

    A temple where you can get immersed into the world of the movie "O tokowa Tsurai yo."

  • Sensoji

    Investigating the attractions of Sensoji which prides on having an international and domestic popularity!!

  • Sanrio Puroland

    Various characters from Sanrio are here! Dive into a world of fantasy!

  • Ryogoku Kokugikan

    The heartland of sumo where tournaments are held thrice a year. There are many souvenir shops as well!

  • Roppongi Hills

    The cultural and commercial facilities that represent Roppongi, many open until late at night for visitors to enjoy art and events.

  • Rikugien Fukiage Chaya

    A Japanese-style cafe located in a beautiful Japanese garden, Rikugien, where you can enjoy a set of matcha and jo-namagashi.

  • Rikugien

    A famous garden with a 300-year history. It is one of Japan's greatest garden in Tokyo that took seven years to build.



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