• Yuigadokuson

    A restaurant that serves curry cooked for four days and homemade sausages.

  • Restaurant Nord

    The only restaurant with a winery in Furano where you can enjoy great food with wine.

  • Restaurant bi.ble

    Sponsored by three-starred restaurant, it is a great French restaurant surrounded by trees and flowers of Biei!

  • Peace Garden Pan Koubou + Café

    Handmade bread in a handmade bakery! The popular bakery using a renovated 60-year-old farm house as a shop.

  • Home-Roasted Coffee Shop Gosh

    A coffee shop that takes pride in home-roasted coffee beans and homemade bread using natural yeast.

  • halu CAFÉ

    You can taste amazing dishes made of the gifts of the northern land, cooked by a couple who traveled all around the world.

  • German Style Farm Café: Land Café

    A cafe that offers German-style home-cooked meals using organic vegetables and authentic German sausages.

  • Farm Restaurant Chiyoda

    A restaurant where you can taste the greatest brand of beef, Biei Japanese beef, raised in the same farm.

  • Farm Restaurant Azemichi Yorimichi

    A popular restaurant where local farmers, all women, cook homely dishes with homegrown vegetables.

  • Curry Shop Furanoya

    All the ingredients are produced in Hokkaido. A popular curry shop that always has a long queue of locals.

  • Country Kitchen Shitto Coco

    A popular restaurant where you can feel the blessings of nature in Furano while you eat delicious food.

  • caferest Ki-no-ii-nakama

    It is an old vegetable restaurant in Biei, where you can taste great dishes made of seasonal, local vegetables.



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