• Mount Bizan

    Tokushima city's proud symbol with an unobstructed panoramic view.

  • Zuigan-ji

    Temple with a beautiful garden that is situated at the foot of Mt. Bizan.

  • Uzushio (Whirlpools)

    Impressive! Naruto Whirlpool, one of the three biggest tidal eddies of the world.

  • Udatsu-no-Machinami

    You will feel as if you time traveled to the past in this nostalgic town.

  • Ryozen-ji

    The first temple in Shikoku Henro (Shikoku Pilgrimage) also known as "Ichiban san."

  • Otsuka Museum of Art

    Reproductions of world masterpieces are all here including Van Gogh, Da Vinci and Michelangelo!

  • Oboke & Koboke

    Designated as a national natural treasure with splendid scenery throughout the year.

  • Mt. Tsurugi

    Known as "Tarogyu", the second highest mountain in western Japan, and one of "100 Famous Japanese Mountains."

  • Iyakei Valley

    Secluded region surrounded by 1,000 m class mountains. Magnificent scenes of the canyon make it worth a visit.

  • Awa Odori

    One of Japan's biggest Bon Odori! Tokushima's most important event that draws 1,350,000 people from all over Japan.

  • Awa no Dochu (Earth Pillars of Awa)

    Nature-made art that is one of the world's three major scenic natural beauties.

  • Aizumicho Historical Museum: Ai-no-Yakata

    Museum for Awa Ai (Awa indigo dying) that is known as JAPAN BLUE.



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