• Morioka Handi-Works Square

    The spot where you can see, learn and experience the art and folk crafts of Morioka.

  • Miyazawa Kenji Dowa Mura

    A facility where you can enjoy the world of Miyazawa Kenji, the most famous fairy tale author in Japan.

  • Kuji Kohaku Museum

    This museum exhibits rare amber and offers hands-on programs with amber.

  • Konyacho

    The town located in Morioka that has a retro atmosphere of the early 20th century

  • Koiwai Farm

    A popular tourist spot in Iwate, this large farm is fun for all ages.

  • Kamaishi Daikannon

    You can see the big white Daikannon, in addition to the stone of a miracle, which remained intact after the tsunami of 2011.

  • Kamabuchi Waterfall

    Situated near the famous hot spring of Iwate, Hanamaki onsen, it is a beautiful waterfall chosen as a famous national scene.

  • Jodogahama

    Very popular for swimming in summer! A scenic beach representing the Sanriku region.

  • Iwate Museum of Art

    A museum that exhibit works of local artists of Iwate.

  • Hanamaki Onsen Rose Garden

    The popular rose garden where you can enjoy 6,000 roses including original breeds.

  • Geibikei

    A beautiful valley selected as one of Japan's top 100 scenic beauties! A stunning view of each season to be enjoyed from a boat tour.

  • Esashi-Fujiwara Heritage Park

    Travel back to medieval Japan! This theme park is where the building and life of ancient Japan is reconstructed and reproduced.



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