• Furano Cheese Factory

    Enjoy handmade cheese and ice cream workshops in this factory.

  • Former Hokkaido Government Office Building

    Historical landmark built over 100 years ago known lovingly as the Red Brick Government Office Building.

  • Farm Tomita

    A popular spot for beautiful lavender fields. It is the flower farm visited by 1 million people a year.

  • Biei

    This area includes many beautiful spots such as Patchwork Road and Blue Pond, the image of which was chosen as a wallpaper for all Apple products.

  • Ban’ei Horse Racing

    A place to enjoy the only Ban’ei horse races in the world

  • Asahikawa Asahiyama Zoo

    A centrally-located zoo in Hokkaido, famous for its unique and attractive displays including a penguin walk.

  • Abashiri Prison Museum

    Museum where the oldest prison in Japan is preserved and on display. Experience the life of a prisoner.



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