• Rausu no Umiaji Shiretoko Shokudou

    Restaurant that specializes in seafood from Raus with an abundant array of local dishes.

  • Shiki-no-Aji Iwami

    Restaurant where you can enjoy Japanese dining in a homelike environment featuring local seafood procured from Rausu Port.

  • Shokuji-Dokoro Kajika

    Popular seafood restaurant where you can enjoy carefully selected top-grade ingredients like sushi from Raus.

  • Isamizushi

    Famous restaurant with a strong following of locals that specializes in serving seasonal seafood from Erimo and Maehama.

  • Aji-no-ryogoku (Main branch)

    A diner that offers a special rice bowl dish with local Ezo-deer meat

  • Onsen Koubo Akan

    A unique café where you can enjoy its famous dishes with crayfish from Lake Akan while soaking your feet in the onsen foot bath

  • Oshokujidokoro Ajishin

    A Japanese-style restaurant offering a wide range of dishes that are special in Akan area, including Akan Yakitori-don

  • Local Cuisine - Nabekyu

    A long-established restaurant with a history starting 1965 where you can enjoy local cuisine such as dishes with Wakasagi (small freshwater fish) and Himemasu (kokanee salmon) caught in Lake Akan

  • Ryugetsu

    A long-established confectionery shop that is famous nationwide for Sanpouroku, firewood-shaped baumkuchen coated with chocolate

  • Rokkatei (Main branch)

    A café operated by a locally-renowned, long-established confectionery shop that is famous for Marusei Butter Sand (raisin butter sandwich cookies)

  • Mugioto

    A flagship store of a long-established bakery that sells breads made from wheat produced only in Tokachi

  • Masuya (Head bakery)

    A long-established bakery that opened in 1950 whose pastry with nostalgic flavors and sandwiches have been loved for a long time



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