• Kushiro Marshland

    The largest marshland in Japan with an overall area of 18,290 ha. It is a home of as many as 2000 kinds of animals and plants.

  • Kamuiwakka Hot Spring Falls

    Hot spring waterfalls! Symbolic hidden hot springs of the World Natural Heritage Site, Shiretoko National Park.

  • Jozankei

    The hot springs town with a view of the beautiful valley in the suburb of Sapporo. Along with ryokan, there are many baths for day trips, hand baths, foot baths and so on .

  • Jigokudani

    A big volcanic crater in southern Hokkaido. There are many hot springs nearby from this large source spring.

  • Hokkaido University

    Historical university campus - a nature-filled tourist spot!

  • Hokkaido Jingu

    This shrine enshrines the deity that has been protecting Hokkaido all since the period of reclamation.

  • Hakodateyama (Mount Hakodate)

    The night view of Hakodate, a gateway to Hokkaido, as seen from its iconic mountain is considered to be one of Japan’s best three and is a must-see for all visitors.

  • Hakodate Orthodox Church

    The oldest Russian Orthdox Church in Japan which is designated as an national important cultural property

  • Hakodate Morning Market

    At this large market in Hakodate, you will have the privilege of being able to enjoy “Kaisendon” using the freshest fish caught the same day.

  • Goryokaku Tower

    107-meter-tall tower from which the star-shaped fort, Goryokaku, can be seen.

  • Goryokaku Park

    The old star-shaped fortress, Gokakuryo, is transformed into a park. It is a famous spot for cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.

  • Ganso Sapporo Ramen Yokocho

    The birthplace of Sapporo ramen that people have adored over a long time. You can taste amazing ramen in 15 restaurants.



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