• Daigo-ji

    A famous cherry blossom viewing site in Kyoto. The temple is called "Hana no Daigo" or temple of blossoms.

  • Arashiyama

    Sakura spot representative of Kyoto. Enjoy a picturesque view that almost looks like a painting.

  • Saitobaru Burial Mounds

    Popular destination for cherry blossoms and rape blossoms that bloom at the same time!

  • Matsumae Park

    See many different kinds of sakura in Matsumae Park. There is also a theme park where you can experience life during the Edo era!

  • Kitakami Tenshochi

    10,000 sakura trees blooming! Ride horse carriages and enjoy this popular spot in many different ways!

  • Japan Mint: Arch of Cherry Blossoms

    Gorgeous arch of cherry blossoms! A famous cherry blossom viewing site in Osaka.

  • Akagi Nanmen Senbonzakura

    The famous “tunnel of cherry blossoms” is so dense that it blocks the view of the sky. Next to it bloom 150,000 moss phlox.

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