• Kumamoto Castle

    One of Japan's top three castles, enjoy a beautifully illuminated night-time view of cherry blossoms and the castle.

  • Kintaikyo Bridge

    Japan’s beautiful representative bridge offering remarkable scenes of the bridge and cherry blossoms at night.

  • Kenroku-en

    Kenroku-en is a Japanese garden where you can experience the beauty of the four seasons of Japan.

  • Inokashira Park

    Famous spot to enjoy cherry blossoms with the family. Enjoy admiring cherry blossoms from a boat.

  • Hirosaki Park

    Hirosaki's sakura are praised to be Japan's best! Enjoy an overwhelmingly beautiful sight.

  • Himeji Castle

    Spectacular World Heritage Site Himeji Castle amid pink sakura in full bloom.

  • Heian Jingu

    The main hall with a colorful exterior of green and vermillion joins forces with the cherry blossoms to achieve artistic beauty.

  • Goryokaku Park

    The star-shaped Goryokaku is a historically valuable tourist spot as well as a famous sakura spot.

  • Garyu Park

    This park has 600 cherry trees, mainly around its pond, and a mountain from where you get a view of the town.

  • Funaoka Joshi Park

    Head to the top on a slope car and admire the endless row of a thousand sakura trees!

  • Expo Commemoration Park

    5,500 cherry trees in an immense park, which has everything from museums to amusement facilities.

  • Daigo-ji

    A famous cherry blossom viewing site in Kyoto. The temple is called "Hana no Daigo" or temple of blossoms.

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