• Menya Saimi

    A popular ramen shop ranked within top ramen shops in Sapporo. The most popular menu, "Miso Ramen" is a must try!

  • Magic Spice

    A soup curry restaurant that invented soup curry.

  • Kondo Noboru Shoten Sushidokoro Keiran

    A restaurant run by a marine products shop in a market. Their kaisen-don and a set menu of five kinds of bowl dishes have a good reputation.

  • Kitano Gourmet-tei

    The restaurant takes prides by serving fresh ingredients from the adjacent market.

  • Jingisukan Daruma Honten

    The long-standing Jingisukan restaurant opened more than 60 years ago in Sapporo. Enjoy the original sauce made by the owner.

  • Izakaya Kusachi

    An izakaya that takes pride in fresh ingredients and an a la carte menu cooked by the owner.

  • Izakaya Furusato Sapporo Sohonten

    An izakaya run by a seafood company. It offers delicious food of Hokkaido for reasonable prices.

  • Hokkaido-hamaryori Isokin Gyogyo-bu Esashi-ko

    Izakaya-restaurant known for fresh seafood from Esashi-ko

  • Gotsubo Susukino

    The restaurant that serves oysters from Akkeshi, the renowned oyster town, for only 100 yen.

  • Ganso Sapporo Ramen Yokocho

    The birthplace of Sapporo ramen that people have adored over a long time. You can taste amazing ramen in 15 restaurants.

  • Fresh Lamb Jingisukan Yamagoya

    A famous restaurant that serves local specialty, Jingisukan with special sauce.

  • Daruma Ken

    An old ramen place which has maintained the taste loved by people since its opening in 1947.



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