• Public Bar Koh

    Authentic bar founded in 1973 serving around 300 high quality whiskies from around the world.

  • Beifu-tei

    Bar famous for “abura soba” ramen noodles and specialty Belgian beer.

  • Hokkaido Sake Bar Kamada

    Bar known as a “Holy Ground for Hokkaido Sake” that specializes in food and drinks made from local Hokkaido ingredients.

  • Cider and Beer Kalahana

    Casual bar where you can drink local and international craft beers and ciders fresh from the barrel.

  • Wine Chubou Gekko

    Hidden Spanish bar for adults located in downtown Sapporo.

  • Sumioyaji

    A reasonable izakaya (pub) that serves skewered food grilled over charcoal fire. The cheapest one is only 120 yen.

  • Ice cream Bar Hokkaido Milk Mura

    A completely unique ice cream bar that serves soft ice cream made from Hokkaido milk along with liqueur.

  • KINOTOYA CAFÉ, Daimaru

    A popular café adjacent to a cake shop where you can taste a variety of exquisite sweets fresh out of the oven.

  • Milk and Parfait Yotsuba White Cosy, Sapporo Paseo store

    A major dairy products company runs a café that serves exquisite sweets using high-quality dairy products.

  • Yukijirushi Parlor, Sapporo

    A long-established cafe famous for its top quality vanilla ice cream made using a traditional recipe.


    A café that is famous for fluffy and thick pancakes and offers a wide range of sweets

  • Hamburg Steak North Continent MACHI NO NAKA

    A restaurant specialized in hamburg steaks made with high-quality local meat and where you can select one from several kinds of meat and sauce



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