• Soup Curry Hige Danshaku

    The soup curry shop that serves unique dishes such as curries full of meat or full of beans.

  • Soup Curry GARAKU

    A popular restaurant that serves Sapporo's new local food, soup curry. Their soup based on Japanese soup stock is gathering a lot of attention.

  • Sapporo Jingisukan Shirokuma Sapporo

    The popular Jingisukan Restaurant that serves rare Hokkaido mutton and lamb.

  • Sapporo Garden Park

    Combined facility with a selection from a beer museum to a shopping center.

  • Sankakuyama Goemon Ramen

    The popular shoyu ramen which has a good reputation for its simple yet rich taste.

  • Rausu Ryori at Umiaji Hachikyo

    A Japanese-style pub very popular with a specialty , large portion of salmon roe served on white rice.

  • Ramen Sora

    Miso ramen which has significant soup made with pork from Hokkaido and baked miso.

  • Ramen Sapporo Akaboshi

    A very popular ramen place which has great cost performance. Shio ramen with light flavor is popular.

  • Ramen Kunkun

    A popular ramen place where you can have shio ramen made with three kinds of salt from different places.

  • Outer Market of Sapporo Central Wholesale Market

    A market where you can enjoy fresh produce from the sea and mountains from all parts of Hokkaido

  • Nijo Market

    Tasting fresh seafood in a market located in the center of Sapporo with its history of more than 100 years

  • Murakami Curry Pulu Pulu

    A soup curry shop that serves rare soup curry with natto in it.



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