• Yuigadokuson

    A restaurant that serves curry cooked for four days and homemade sausages.

  • Yanshu Ryori Kita no Ryoba

    The restaurant that serves around 30 kinds of Kaisen-don. It is located in a busy market.

  • Western restaurant: Manjare TAKINAMI

    A western restaurant to enjoy French and Italian dishes made with carefully selected ingredients in Hokkaido.

  • Utoro Gyokyo Fujinbu Shokudo

    A popular restaurant that is operated by fisherman's wives. Authentic local dishes are served.

  • Uomasa

    A short walk from JR Otaru Station! A popular sushi & gastropub restaurant.

  • Torimatsu

    The famous original specialty store offering the masterfully seasoned fried chicken dish called zangi, the soul food of Hokkaido.

  • Takumizushi

    The restaurant that serves sushi and rice bowl dishes with carefully selected seafood for reasonable prices.

  • Takezushi

    Long-standing sushi restaurant that has prospered for around 30 years in the Washo fish market which is one of the top three markets in Hokkaido.

  • Takara Sushi

    The chic interior is popular with female customers. One of the most popular sushi restaurants in the famous sushi town of Otaru.

  • Sushi no Fukuie

    The sushi bar that serves Hokkaido seafood at a reasonable price. It has many local fans.

  • Sushi kou

    You can taste from one piece of sushi! A sushi restaurant with three important aspects: taste, price, and easy to enter!

  • Kaitenzushi Nemuro Hanamaru, JR Tower Stellar Place branch

    A sushi-go-round store popular for fresh fish from the fishing town of Nemuro at reasonable prices



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