• Fuwafuwa Batake

    A cute café located at the center of its own extensive farm where you can enjoy waffles and pizza made from homemade ingredients

  • Tokatoka Bread & Special of Tokachi

    A café restaurant where you can have homemade breads and premium beef steaks

  • Sushi Koubou San

    Sushi restaurant in Tokachi, Hokkaido, that is the birthplace of the “gyu-toro-don” raw minced beef rice bowl.

  • Ganso Buta-don no Pancho

    A long-standing original restaurant for Hokkaido’s famous “buta-don” pork rice-bowl that has a strong following of repeating customers.

  • Tokachi Buta-Niku Koubou Yuutaku

    Long-standing shop that also runs a restaurant serving the local specialty of buta-don, pork rice-bowl and tonkatsu, fried pork cutlet.

  • Yorkshire Farm

    A restaurant that serves fresh lamb produced at their own farm.

  • Farm Restaurant Nojimasanchi

    A farm restaurant that serves dishes using home grown vegetables.

  • Restaurant Country Papa

    A farm restaurant where you can enjoy healthy lunch surrounded by the magnificent landscape of Hokkaido.

  • Oono Farm COWCOW Cafe

    A farmer’s cafe that serves only safe and secure beef produced carefully

  • Daisougen-no Chiisana-ie

    Buffet-style restaurant that serves home cuisine using locally produced ingredients in Hokkaido.

  • Public Bar Koh

    Authentic bar founded in 1973 serving around 300 high quality whiskies from around the world.

  • Beifu-tei

    Bar famous for “abura soba” ramen noodles and specialty Belgian beer.



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