• Don Quijote

    The super discount store open all night where you can buy almost anything!?

  • Cool Magic SHU'S

    An umbrella specialty store with 10 thousand umbrellas of 500 kinds demonstrating the excellence of Japanese technique!

  • Cinq Cinq

    Rich and tasty, this cheesecake shop offers some rare flavored cheesecakes too!

  • Boulangerie Asanoya, Karuizawa Kyudoten

    Founded in 1933, it is a famous, long-standing boulangerie in Karuizawa, that people all over the country love.

  • Bengara

    Specialty shop for noren (shop curtain) in Asakusa. Good for interior accessories like artwork or tapestry.

  • Bakery & Restaurant Sawamura, Kyu Karuizawa

    It is an elegant bakery where you can have selected tapas dishes with bread.

  • Azabu Yasaigashi

    Selling sweets made of vegetables, you can choose between takeaway or eating in the store.

  • Azabu-Karinto

    Various flavors catering to the Japanese as well as foreigners at this Karinto (deep-fried flour snack) shop!

  • Azabujuban Tanuki Senbei

    Appointed by the Imperial family, this store offers tanuki-shaped rice crackers that bring luck. A must-see!

  • Azabujuban Kineya

    Shown on TV, a store where you can purchase the famous "Fried Pasta," perfect for gifts.

  • Azabujuban Agemochi-ya

    You can buy agemochi (fried rice cakes), have fun picking up your favorite from about 40 flavors.

  • Asa no Ha

    Large collection of beautiful Japanese towels with beautiful patterns derived from famous works of arts. A unique dyeing technique is used to print the towels and we recommend the Kabuki patterns.

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