• JR Central Towers

    The tallest terminal building in the world. You can eat out or have tea on the top floor overlooking the city.

  • Japan Sea Fisherman's Cape

    Popular tourist spot with a great view of the Japan Sea and fresh seafood.

  • Ishigaki City Public Market

    Market on Ishigaki-jima with everything you can possibly find from fresh foods to local souvenirs.

  • Isetan

    The 9-story department store main building and annex offer fantastic goods with a food floor that is also worth a visit.

  • Ikebukuro LOFT

    A lifestyle goods store with a unique concept - more than 50 stores all over Japan.

  • Hakuhinkan Toy Park

    Let's look for your favorite from over 50,000 toys!

  • Ginza Takumi

    A store with a collection of arts and crafts reminiscent with folk tradition and culture. Keep an eye out for events!

  • Ginza Natsuno

    Chopsticks specialty store with over 300 types of chopsticks; when engraved with names they make for perfect gifts.

  • Ginza Mitsukoshi

    A long-standing department store that symbolizes Ginza offers various services to support foreign customers.

  • Gaotchi

    A toy shop filled with retro toys and character goods.

  • Furano Cheese Factory

    Enjoy handmade cheese and ice cream workshops in this factory.

  • Fancy Pocket

    Reasonably priced and cute, a store filled with accessories and goods that kids love!

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