• Laguna Ten Bosch

    Large-scale resort by the ocean; you have many options on how to enjoy such as an amusement park, hot spring, thalassotherapy, etc.

  • Laforet Harajuku

    Have a fashion makeover at this shopping center with the latest youth fashion!

  • Kuromon Ichiba

    The shopping district with food stalls and about 150 shops that sell fresh fish as well as vegetables and fruits.

  • KITTE Marunouchi

    Shopping complex that has local signature goods from all over Japan and highly intricate products.

  • Kinozen

    Spend some relaxing time in a sweets cafe located in the old, red-light district of Kagurazaka.

  • Kibundo

    Established in 1910, this store is popular for bite-sized waffles among locals.

  • Keio Department Store

    Connected to Shinjuku station, a tranquil department store popular with seniors.

  • Kashiya Yokocho

    An alley of sweets shops that has the atmosphere of the good old Showa era.

  • Kanaya Burashi

    A rare store specializing in all kinds of brushes, you will find original products that you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Kamawanu

    Located in Daikanyama, a store specializing in tenugui and other Japanese design goods.

  • Kama Asa Shoten

    Founded in 1908, this is a shop specializing in cooking tools. The high quality knives are particularly popular.

  • JR Hakata City

    Biggest commercial space in the country situated within a building inside Hakata Station.

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