• Paris Kid's

    Cute, fashionable, pop items available at this store: shop for yourself or for souvenirs!

  • Otaru Bine

    A wine cafe with specialties such as Hokkaido wine and dishes with plenty of Hokkaido's seasonal ingredients.

  • Oriental Bazaar

    The right place for Japanese souvenirs; a great store where you can get what you are looking for.

  • Omotesando Hills

    A fashionable complex where you can see the latest trends of the world.

  • Omicho Ichiba (Market)

    Known as Kitchen of Kaga, there are approximately 180 stores selling fresh products in the narrow streets.

  • Oedo Kazuko

    Oedo Kazuko mainly sells antique kimono and various, adorable Japanese-style items.

  • Odakyu Department Store

    The department store that is conveniently connected to Shinjuku station is perfect for shopping.

  • Noritake no Mori (Garden)

    Situated in the middle of Nagoya, it is a ceramic complex known as the "birth place of modern ceramics."

  • Nishio Yatsuhashi Kiyomizuzaka

    A cafe that is operated by a well-known confectionery store of Kyoto's famous sweets yatsuhashi. It offers unique sweets made with yatsuhashi.

  • Niki no Kashi Big-Kan

    Super discount prices for popular sweets that are available only in Japan, 20-50% off the market price! It is a must-visit souvenir store!

  • Naha Daichi Makishi Public Market

    A huge market located near Kokusai street. It deals with fresh food and okinawan cuisine.

  • Nagasaki Chinatown

    Gourmet, shopping and more; one of Japan's three biggest Chinatowns, along with Yokohama and Kobe!

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