• Suzume Odori Sohonten

    The long standing Japanese sweets shop serving traditional sweets made by traditional recipe from the days it was established in 1856.

  • Nigiritate Kintetsu, Passe Branch

    Proud of their variety of ingredients! Freshly made-to-order onigiri specialty store.

  • Meifutsu Tenmusu Senju Honten

    A tenmusu specialty store and a franchise of the store where tenmusu originated.

  • Kato Coffee

    Long-standing coffee shop that offers high quality coffee from all over the world for reasonable prices.

  • Jiraiya Honten

    Specialty tenmusu takeout store, famous for tenmusu that is tasty even after it gets cold.

  • Cake and Coffee Shop Bonbon

    Delicious cakes in a retro atmosphere. A long-standing coffee shop established in 1949.

  • Meiji-no-Yakata Cake Shop

    A cake shop that offers the delightful tastes of the good old days in America and Europe

  • Yushien

    A picturesque Japanese garden home to various colorful flowers.

  • Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

    A symbol of Yokohama port, with a great selection of gourmet and shopping and highly recommended for dates

  • Yokohama Chinatown

    Biggest Chinatown in Japan with more than 600 stores.

  • Yojiya Cafe

    From Kyoto-an established cosmetic paper store at Haneda Airport with a cafe!

  • Yodobashi Camera

    Made In Japan products and other goods with easy & quick payment in this large electronics store.

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