• Azabu Yasaigashi

    Selling sweets made of vegetables, you can choose between takeaway or eating in the store.

  • Azabu-Karinto

    Various flavors catering to the Japanese as well as foreigners at this Karinto (deep-fried flour snack) shop!

  • Azabujuban Tanuki Senbei

    Appointed by the Imperial family, this store offers tanuki-shaped rice crackers that bring luck. A must-see!

  • Azabujuban Kineya

    Shown on TV, a store where you can purchase the famous "Fried Pasta," perfect for gifts.

  • Azabujuban Agemochi-ya

    You can buy agemochi (fried rice cakes), have fun picking up your favorite from about 40 flavors.

  • Asa no Ha

    Large collection of beautiful Japanese towels with beautiful patterns derived from famous works of arts. A unique dyeing technique is used to print the towels and we recommend the Kabuki patterns.

  • Asakusa Naniwaya

    Franchise of a historic taiyaki store, also famous for shaved ice.

  • Asakusa Nakaya

    Selling everything from festival tools to Japanese goods, this store is in front of Sensoji, so stop by after sightseeing.

  • Asakusa Kagetsudo

    Queues for the freshly baked Jumbo melon pan-soft and amazing!

  • Anmitsu Mihashi

    Recharge at a historic anmitsu store opened in 1948 after walking around.

  • Animate

    A specialized shop for animation-related goods; if you are a subculture maniac, definitely come over.

  • Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan

    Over 400 gachapon, a mecca for maniacs!



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