• Awara onsen

    An onsen resort with more than 130 years history. It is selected as one of the 100 famous spas in Japan and known to be good for beauty and health.

  • Awa Odori

    One of Japan's biggest Bon Odori! Tokushima's most important event that draws 1,350,000 people from all over Japan.

  • Awa no Dochu (Earth Pillars of Awa)

    Nature-made art that is one of the world's three major scenic natural beauties.

  • Awaji Yumebutai

    One of the most famous spots in Awaji city, a resort facility where you can enjoy beautiful seasonal flowers.

  • Awaji-shima

    An island with beautiful seasonal flowers. It is the largest island in the Inland Sea.

  • Awaji Hanasajiki

    The flower park where you can enjoy beautiful seasonal flower bed blooms in the extensive land.

  • Atsuta Jingu

    A shrine with 1900 years of distinguished history. One of the three Imperial Regalia succeeded in the imperial family is kept here.

  • Atomic Bomb Dome

    The symbol of peace in Hiroshima which is surrounded by a park.

  • Atago Shrine

    Main shrine of Atago Shrines in all Japan, worshiping the deity of protection against fire.

  • Asuka-Dera (Ango-In)

    Japan's oldest Buddha statue sits in Japan's oldest temple.

  • Asuka

    Tourist destination where ancient ruins and burial mounds lie undisturbed from ancient times in a rural setting

  • Asakusa Samba Carnival

    Samba dancers gather in Asakusa from all over Japan! An authentic samba carnival just like the original Rio Carnival.

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