• Bridge World for Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

    A tour to get a great panoramic view from the top of the world's longest suspension bridge.

  • Boraga Beach

    Surrounded by steep cliffs, a beach with the comfort of a private beach.

  • Bokka no Sato (Pastoral Village)

    A theme park with flowers and foliage where you can enjoy interactions with animals, a dairy farm experience, and an onsen.

  • Bitchu Matsuyama Castle

    A castle known as Tenku no yamashiro (mountain castle in heaven) whose castle location is the highest in Japan

  • Biosu no Oka

    A natural botanical garden that uses the subtropical climate of Okinawa effectively where you can also enjoy sightseeing boat rides and water buffalo carts.

  • Biei

    This area includes many beautiful spots such as Patchwork Road and Blue Pond, the image of which was chosen as a wallpaper for all Apple products.

  • Beppu Onsen

    Popular onsen area in “Beppu’s 8 Springs” which boasts the largest amount of springs and highest volume of water in all of Japan.

  • Beppu Kaihin Sunayu

    Sand baths with the seascape in Beppu, one of the most famous onsen areas in Japan

  • Ban’ei Horse Racing

    A place to enjoy the only Ban’ei horse races in the world

  • Bandokorobana Nature Park

    A stunning view overlooking the ocean and Mt. Kaimon. A popular park as a power spot for matchmaking.

  • Azabu Juban

    Traces of an old red-light district, perfect for a walking food tour.

  • Aya Teruha Suspension Bridge

    One of the largest pedestrian suspension bridges in the world. Enjoy the scenery of Teruha Forest.

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