• Chogosonshi-ji on Mt. Shigi

    A temple with a tiger as its symbol and known for its peculiar ways of worship.

  • Chirihama Nagisa Driveway

    The natural driveway on the sand beach stretching along the shore for 8 km.

  • Chion-in

    The head temple of Buddhism’s Jodo sect is famous for its grand hall and gate, the latter known to be Japan’s most renowned wooden architecture.

  • Chinzanso

    A place where history and nature come together in perfect harmony, "Chinzanso Tokyo."

  • Chikura no Iwaya Cave

    An enormous cave that was formed by the waves of the Pacific Ocean that is large enough for 1,000 people to sit down inside.

  • Chichibu Shrine

    Shrine with 2,100 years of history and the famous Chichibu Yomatsuri festival, Chichibu Shrine.

  • Cape Sata

    The southernmost point of mainland Japan where you can get a gorgeous view.

  • Cape Nagasakibana

    A cape located at the southern tip of Satsuma Peninsula where you can see stunning views.

  • Cape Manzamo

    Great view spot in Okinawa to enjoy magnificent nature.

  • Cape Maeda

    A scenic spot in Onna-son famous for snorkeling and diving.

  • Cape Kaberu

    The location where Okinawa's ancestral god first ascended, on the tip of Kudakajima.

  • Byodo-in

    Elegant temple buildings designated as World Cultural Heritage built in 1052.

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