• Nara Tokae

    Festival of lights illuminating the night of the old capital Nara in a fantastic way.

  • Nara Park

    Large park where Todaiji is located among other sites with over 1,000 wild deer.

  • Nara National Museum

    A museum located in Nara park exhibiting various art works including national treasures.

  • Gallery & Café Naramachi Mura

    Preserved traditional townscape remains of Nara.

  • Naoshima

    The whole island is a piece of art and enjoys a reputation nationally and internationally.

  • Nanzen-ji

    The headquarters of the Rinzai School of Zen that holds many national treasures and important cultural properties. Cherry blossoms and autumn leaves are also gorgeous.

  • Nankinmachi

    The lively area which has a Kobe Chinese town, one of the three biggest China towns in Japan.

  • Nanatsugama

    It's so beautiful it was selected as a national natural monument! Mythical caves floating in the blue ocean

  • Namba

    One of the major city centers of Osaka where you can enjoy shopping, eating and sightseeing that are very unique to Osaka.

  • Namahage Museum

    Come here if you want to experience the Namahage folk event of Oga!

  • Nakano Broadway

    A mecca of Japanese pop culture that beats even Akihabara!

  • Nakamise

    Old, Japanese shopping street that has 90 stores offering a taste of Japan!

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