• Nyuto Onsenkyo

    A hot spring resort among mountains whose milky white onsen has a magical atmosphere.

  • Nyudozaki

    A cape, situated on the northern edge of Oga peninsula, located on the west side of Akita prefecture known for its beautiful view.

  • Nunobikiyama Shakuson-ji

    Thrilling Kannon-do stuck between a cliff!

  • Notojima Aquarium

    The Aquarium that has about 500 species and over 40,000 sea creatures mainly the ones that inhabit the Noto Peninsula Coast.

  • Noritake no Mori (Garden)

    Situated in the middle of Nagoya, it is a ceramic complex known as the "birth place of modern ceramics."

  • Nomaru Engei Kibiji Noen

    It is a "farm where you can relax surrounded by flowers and trees," where you can enjoy strawberry picking, ornament plants and seasonal products.

  • Nokonoshima Island Park

    An extensive natural park with beautiful seasonal flowers located in the island in Hakata Bay called Nokonoshima.

  • Nokogiri: Saw Tooth Mountain

    One of the largest Daibutsu Buddha statue in Japan is found here in the saw tooth-like ridges of Mt. Nokogiri.

  • Noboribetsu Bear Park

    A popular guest ranch near Noboribetsu Hot Spring with about 140 bears kept free range!

  • Niutsuhime Shrine

    World Heritage Site and head shrine for 180 other shrines dedicated to the Niutsuhime-no-Okami deity located around Japan with a history of over 1,700 years.

  • Nitatoge Observation Deck

    An observation deck with an outstanding view where you can see all the way to Amakusa city.

  • Nishizawa valley

    A beautiful valley with many waterfalls made by clear water flows and surrounding nature

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