• Okinawa Fruits Land

    A fruit garden for tourists to enjoy specialty tropical fruits in Okinawa

  • Okhotsk Ryuhyo Museum

    A science museum showing real drift ice and sea creatures of the Okhotsk Sea

  • Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art

    This prefectural museum collects and exhibits great artworks related to this area.

  • Okayama Castle

    A black castle also called Ujo (bird castle), built under supervision of Toyotomi Hideyoshi

  • Okashi-no-shiro

    A paradise of sweets where you can see sugar art exhibits, have all-you-can-eat sweets buffet, and experience baking cookies.

  • Okama, Zao

    Lake surface changes colors in various conditions! A lake filled with the magic of nature.

  • Okage Yokocho

    Experience an historical Edo period townscape at this temple town spreading out from Ise Shrine.

  • Kobe Oji Zoo

    A very popular zoo where you can see panda bears and koalas, in addition to enjoying other facilities.

  • Oita Marine Palace Aquarium (Umitamago)

    This popular sightseeing spot in Oita is an interactive aquarium where you can befriend life from the ocean.

  • Ohori Park

    This park used to be a moat of Fukuoka castle and has a Noh theater and Japanese garden inside.

  • Ohashi House

    Ohashi House is a building representing the Kurashiki residences and a registered important cultural property.

  • Ohara Museum of Art

    The first modern western art museum in Japan opened by an industrial businessman in Okayama in 1930.

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