• Matukawa Onsen Kyounso

    An onsen located in the Hachimantai National Park where you can enjoy onsen in nature

  • Matagi Museum

    A museum where you can learn about Matagi who lived in the mountainous areas of Tohoku and made their living through hunting in ancient times.

  • Odaiko no Yakata

    A historical museum where you can see and try the World’s largest taiko drum listed in the Guinness World Records.

  • Hikage Onsen

    Opened in 1893, the water from this onsen is famous for revitalizing skin. Surrounded by nature, you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Magewappa-making experience (Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten)

    Experience Magewappa-making, a traditional Japanese craft. How about making a unique item by yourself?

  • Furusawa Onsen Koyokan

    A popular onsen where you can meet a pair of cute Akita dogs

  • Korakukan

    An old, still-active theater designated as an important cultural property where you can feel like you are an actor/actress

  • Workshop Mujosen (Hachimantai Geothermal Dying)

    Matsukawa Geothermal Power Plant is Japan’s first commercial geothermal power station. You can experience a dying technique using geothermal steam from the plant that is unique in the world.

  • Koujiya Motomiya

    A shop and restaurant specialized in koji (mold) including rice koji and koji miso where you can have a hand-on experience making miso too

  • Fudo waterfall (Sakuramatsu Shrine)

    A waterfall that was selected as one of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls and is famous as a spiritual and matchmaking site

  • Yudonburi Sakaeyu

    Although a natural hot spring, the facility itself is a sento, a downtown-style public bath!

  • Shinohara Maruyoshi Furin

    Offers workshops to makeEdo Furin, which are made only in two places in Japan.

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