• Ishigaki Island

    The main island of the Yaeyama Islands that has an abundance of nature and tropical atmosphere.

  • Iriomote Island

    Second biggest island in Okinawa prefecture, where Japan's biggest tropical jungle unfolds.

  • Ikei Beach

    It is a beach situated in Ikei island, which is a remote island from the main island. It is a quiet beach with transparent water.

  • Haimurubushi Beach

    Top resort beach in Kohamajima on a hotel property, where you can enjoy various marine activities.

  • Gyokusendo

    It is a limestone cave with great stalactites formed over 300 thousand years.

  • Emerald Beach

    A beautiful beach with emerald green water and white sand, where 3,000 people can swim at the same time.

  • Eef Beach

    One of the most beautiful beaches in Kujukushima with crystal clear water & endless white sand

  • Churaumi Aquarium

    The representative aquarium of Okinawa that has one of the largest water tanks in the world and whale sharks

  • Cape Manzamo

    Great view spot in Okinawa to enjoy magnificent nature.

  • Cape Maeda

    A scenic spot in Onna-son famous for snorkeling and diving.

  • Cape Kaberu

    The location where Okinawa's ancestral god first ascended, on the tip of Kudakajima.

  • Boraga Beach

    Surrounded by steep cliffs, a beach with the comfort of a private beach.



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