• Nishihama Beach

    The southernmost inhabited island in Okinawa that has a beautiful beach known as Hateruma Blue.

  • Naha Daichi Makishi Public Market

    A huge market located near Kokusai street. It deals with fresh food and okinawan cuisine.

  • Miyako-jima

    An Island that has the most beautiful beach in the Orient. It has a wide variety of marine activities.

  • Mihama American Village

    Characteristically American townscape with various entertainment facilities area.

  • Mid-Sea Road

    Drive over the sea! The 5 km road that connects the main island and the remote islands.

  • Maehama Beach

    Said to be "the most beautiful beach" in East Asia, this beach is filled with white sand.

  • Kumejima

    Remote island of natural beauty in Okinawa famous for the pure white sand island of Hateno Beach.

  • Kourijima

    Beautiful island you can drive to surrounded by the cobalt blue sea.

  • Kondoi Beach

    A tourist spot representing Taketomi, a beach as beautiful as a painting.

  • Kokusaidori Street

    The most bustling street with shops and restaurants in Naha, Okinawa

  • Kohamajima

    An isolated island with beautiful scenery and where a Japanese TV show was filmed.

  • Kaiji Beach

    A romantic beach also called "star-sand beach" for its star-shaped grains of sand.



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