• Edogawa, Naramachi

    A traditional Japanese restaurant that serves domestic eel and Nara's regional vegetable in a historical Japanese house.

  • Awa Naramachi

    A Japanese restaurant that offers Nara Prefecture's regional vegetables (Yamato yasai) and beef (yamatogyu) in a historical Japanese house.

  • Yuki Tei

    Western-style restaurant that serves the masterpiece omurice.

  • Wa Modern Kitchen Nico Style

    A place to enjoy local food from Nara and latte art inspired by symbols of Nara.

  • Kanakana

    A machiya cafe in Naramachi offers Japanese dishes with selected ingredients that you never get weary of.

  • Bambuno

    An Italian restaurant that is popular for "Naramachi Pasta" made with ingredients of local, long-established companies and attracts attention of mass media.

  • Ashibi no Sato

    Japanese-style restaurant serving staple foods from Nara like Nara-zuke and tsukemono in an elegant space.



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