• Shinsaibashi

    Osaka's representative downtown area where you can enjoy a lot of shopping

  • Sakai Senboku Coastal Industrial Line

    A famous spot known for a night view of a factory zone like a scene out of a movie.

  • Rinku Town

    Shopping and commercial complex area beside Kansai International Airport

  • Osaka Tenmangu

    A shrine known for the god of academics, where exam takers visit at least once.

  • Osaka Castle

    A popular sight seeing spot in Osaka that has the beautiful castle standing tall and elegant.

  • Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN

    A very popular aquarium in Osaka that has one of the world's biggest tanks.

  • Nishiki-no-Hama Beach

    A beautiful beach known as a scenic spot within easy access of downtown Osaka.

  • Namba

    One of the major city centers of Osaka where you can enjoy shopping, eating and sightseeing that are very unique to Osaka.

  • Minoo Waterfall

    One of Japan's top 100 waterfalls inside Minoo Quasi National Park with beautiful autumn leaves

  • Kuromon Ichiba

    The shopping district with food stalls and about 150 shops that sell fresh fish as well as vegetables and fruits.

  • Kumano Kodo

    UNESCO World Heritage Site! Sacred pilgrimage site made with beautiful stone paths - Kumano Kodo.

  • Hoshi no Buranko

    Experience a panoramic view of great nature from Japan's largest suspension bridge



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